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Updated January 2022

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Shanna Crooks

Shanna Crooks was born and raised in South Florida. Since the age of 16, she's been touring and performing shows all over the world. Shanna has performed at sports events from the Youth Soccer Championships in Hawaii to the Arena Cup II Championships in Peoria, Illinois. She has performed at both Miami Dolphin and Orange Bowl Football events, Florida Panther Hockey and Nashville Sounds Baseball games, and the Special Olympics in Salt Lake City. Shanna has also performed at over 300 fairs, festivals, casinos and club venues around the world, made various radio and television appearances, including a live performance on Good Morning New Zealand, and toured with national recording artists from Nashville and around the world . Sassy, driven, and goal-oriented, at 21, Shanna is a unique find. With her distinct style and sound, she holds her own; she is her own. Shanna is stealing the hearts of audiences throughout America.
Shana Crooks

I Believe I Will Be Leaving You

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